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Question about dx9c?


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Was thinking about installing DX9.c

I am running G2 ASUS Graphics Card V7700 series

with DX 8.0

Do you think there would be any problems? smile.gif

Running CMBB, works fine now with V 56.55 drivers

Must of time I run QB's with small maps smile.gif

My system is about 4 ys old a 800 Duron with 256

memory and the above graphics card.

Getting OLD Like Me smile.gif

Lane smile.gif

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There's nothing wrong with DirectX 9.0c. You could install it on your current system without issue as far as I'm aware. In fact your driver version (a non-WHQL release) supports DirectX 9.

Installing DirectX 9.0c shouldn't be the issue. It is driver upgrades and their compatibility with certain games that is often the issue. What did you 'read' that suggested installing DirectX 9.0c wasn't something you wanted to do ? Some of the threads that mention 'problems with DirectX' are just generic errors that involve DirectX, not necessarily a problem specific to a particular version.

To be honest you'll probably see little benefit in installing DirectX 9.0c unless you're to play a game title that requires it to run. Your GeForce 2 series card doesn't actually support graphics routines that are unique to DirectX 9.0 (certain 'shader' levels, etc.). However newer Nvidia Forceware drivers may require/prefer that DirectX 9.0c be installed.

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The only reason I was thinking about going to

DX9.c Was I have a Sim called Virual Sailor 6.8

There was a update by the maker that if would

preform better if you had DX9.c but what you

said I don't think it would help run VS 6.8

much better. I tried to look up about my card

and Driver see if it was DX9 compatable but could

not fine anything. but I am sure you know what

you are taking about.

I may not install it for now.

Thanks for info



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Your videocard will run fine with DirectX 9.0c. Your video driver will run fine with DirectX 9.0c. Your videocard however will not support the newer graphics routines that DirectX 9.0c, so technically it isn't fully compatible with DirectX 9.0c. Your GeForce 2 series card actually supports DirectX 7. So as you can see, using a version of DirectX beyond what your videocard is "compatible with" is not really an issue. You just don't get hardware support for the latest graphics features/routines that that version of DirectX supports.

To get support for DirectX 9.0c in hardware (video hardware that is) you would need to purchase a GeForce FX 5000 or 6000 series videocard (or a Radeon 9700/9800/Xxxx series card).

The requirements for Virtual Sailor 6.8 only seem to mention DirectX 8. This suggests that any DirectX 9.0 routines aren't programmed into the game. Since your videocard only supports DirectX 7, you're probably missing out on some graphics features (water effects, whatever). Upgrading to DirectX 9.0 won't provide these effects, but it may cooperate with the video drivers a 'hair bit' better. As you have surmised though, "if it works, don't mess with it".

[ February 04, 2005, 09:46 AM: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]

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Thank you Schullenhaft,

Thank's for all that technical info.about my

card and drivers. llan Papini the creator of

VS 6.8 just came out with upgrade to make the game

run better with those have DX9. but like you saw

it runs basic with DX8.

When I get ready to upgrade or get a new system

with a Graphics card buy I may contact you before

I buy something. So many cards out and different


Thank's again

For you technical info.



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A Word to Schrullenhaft,

Just a Follow up. I installed DX9c and my system

seem's to run CMBB just fine.

And the problem is fixed with Virual Sailor Sim.

update. The new VS.exe runs the program now.

With DX9c installed.

Thank's again for your info about DX.



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