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What card works best with CM

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I purchased the Prophet 4500 on the strenght of the reviews and am sorry I did. Have tried the registry fix and i did not work well. Some improvement, but not enough. Yet I see many issues with ATI, nvidia and matrox. I'll put this card aside and buy a new one, but what? A GeForce2 64mb? MX or Pro? DDR or SDR? Anybody REALLY know what works? My old TNT2 32mb worked great until the RAM chips gave out. :confused:

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I have a 64MB DDR Geforce 2 GTS Pro and it works fine. I'm running the stock 6.47 drivers though. The only problems with Nvidia-based cards is the FSAA routines. Apparently somwhere down the line, Nvidia changed their FSAA routines and it screwed up the text in CM. But from what I read on another thread is that the new 14.60? drivers have fixed the problem.

But no matter what you get, do NOT get an ATI anything. They don't support Fog Tables under DirectX. At least to where CM needs them.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by denisetrac:

Thank you Maximus. Aren't those cards like the most expensive out there? If that's the price of fun with CMBO, I guess I'll just have to ante up.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Well back in April, I paid about $280 for the card. Now, I assume it's gotta be cheaper.

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If you were satisfied with the performance of the TNT2 you had earlier, then a GeForce MX should work fine for you and possibly cost less than the Hercules Prophet 4500. I believe the MX400 (the GPU chipset revision, not a brand or board name) with DDR RAM models are the fastest of the GeForce MXs, where previously the SDR RAM based boards were faster.

If your TNT2 was from a name-brand manufacturer it may still be under warranty (some cards have 3 to 5 year warranties).

The problems that people are having with NVidia-based cards are primarily with FSAA (if you run 7.58 or older drivers you should have little to no problems with FSAA enabled). In Windows 2000 there is an annoying text/2D bitmap transparency issue, but this can be remedied by ESC'ing to the desktop and then maximizing CM again. Unfortunately even the latest v. 14.61 driver doesn't get rid of this behavior under Windows 2000.

The tile-based architecture of the Kyro II has the capability of competing with the GeForce 3 in some performance benchmarks. This makes it a cost effective board for the performacne it can potentially offer. However ST Microelectronics isn't really known for quick and consistent driver development (or at least publicly accessible beta drivers of said development) like NVidia is known for (which some people curse). It's possible that ST Micro or Hercules may release a driver that will fix this problem, but it could be awhile.

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