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6lber A/T gun

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The 6 pdr AT gun is an extremely effective AT gun against the mainstay of the German fleet i.e. Pz IV's and Stugs but less so against their other common tank, the Panther. Typically, you will need to get side and rear shots to knock out Panthers and Tigers unless you also have tungsten rounds, which will penetrate pretty much anything although the behind armour effects can sometimes be disappointing.



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When it came to designing AtG's the British had two very effective guns. And if you are wise enough to paly with sufficient points and/or casualties then the British battalion is a very good purchase with intrinsic 6 AFAIR 6lbers plus transport. Not to mention they actually get MMg's also.!

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I am finding this gun to be killing every German tank within sight.

Is there a fault in the game or are anti tanks really that effective ?



I think they got it about right in game.

While the 6 pdr lacked the penetration capability required to take out late war heavy armour frontally from long ranges, it could do so at shorter ranges, especially with the more advanced ammo types like APDS. It does need to be noted that the amount of damage done to a tank once it's armour was penetrated by a 6 pdr round was somewhat limited.

The 17 pdr was far more powerful, but also more bulky. This made it harder to conceal, man handle and transport. For these reasons (and availability) the 6 pdr was kept in service in infantry battalions, where it gave an adequate ability to defend against German tank attack.

All this is as I find it in CMAK.

It's no wonder weapon but any German attack who doesn't respect it's power will get punished.

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