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  1. I am finding this gun to be killing every German tank within sight. Is there a fault in the game or are anti tanks really that effective ? Thanks Brian
  2. Thanks for the reply Costard, I have passed it on & requested info re OS. Both are home PCs so no administrator problems.
  3. Hi there, Two of my gaming friends have had a problem develop out of left field with Barbarossa to Berlin. Every time they want to play the game has to be reinstalled. My version is still fine so far. One is in England the other here in Christchurch New Zealand, not sure what version of Windows they run but I am running Win XP Pro. Needless to say this has ruined my email games to England. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  4. Back again, just looked at the return move & found that there are 3 Tigers down !! One from an SU122 at 300 meters into the side of a turret no less ! a 1 shot kill, amazing ! The leading 2 Tigers were hit with a mass of close range fire from the previous move. A historical result one could say, maybe ? My Friend is a little miffed as it is turn 27 & the Scenario was for 25 turns... Thanks again Brian
  5. Thanks Guys, Seems as though CMBB is a little out with the ammo used & Tigers are a little tougher than they were historically, I'll just have to accept that. Still a great game. As I stated I was playing the Prok - Finale Scenario that comes with the game, never played it before now but I wanted something that would give my friend an intro to Tank battles, boy did I get a shock ! There are 8 Tigers & my friend used them like WWI Dreadnoughts, 4 Tigers in line ahead, just like a battleship. The turrets would turn this way & that covering all avenues of approach. Near the end of t
  6. Have just about finished playing this as the Russian against a friend in England (E-Mail game). KOed everything except the Tigers for little loss then charged all the remaining T34s & SU122s en mass at the two groups of four Tigers & lost most for no destroyed Tigers. Even at under 100 meters the shells were bouncing off. The SU122 shells were falling short at 60 meters.( the Tigers were hull down to some) Question is Guys - how do you kill Tigers with T34/76s ? :confused: Thanks, Brian
  7. Right!!! only 5146 posts, less than the DB sites. You are playing Martin too !!! Going to Valley Con ?? I'm off to 'War Clouds over Woolston' Cheers, Brian
  8. My Club is the Christchurch Wargames Club ( active for over 30 years ) Christchurch, New Zealand. My main interest is tabletop gaming,'Ancients' using DBM rules, also Steel Panthers WWII since its first release. Just started CM again last November/December. I might be a 'Junior Member' on this list but I am a rather 'Senior Member' at CWC. Cheers, Brian
  9. UPDATE. Next turn has taken place & all has been revealed. My Partisans carried on shooting up the hapless enemy squad as it moved away ( must have been 'broken') until it showed '0-11 Eliminated' I flicked into my squad info menu clicked on kills & found 5 'kills' showing. Thanks all, these proceedings are now closed. Cheers, Brian
  10. Yes I joined early, played the then demo a time or two then went to the dark side, Steel Panthers WWII... Have started playing email BB & AK against a mate from my wargames club. Everything was going great until now, I've heaps to learn by the look of it. Most pleasing to get instant help from knowledgable CM gamers Thanks again, Brian
  11. Thanks for the replies Guys. I will give a little more detail on the ambush. One Partisan Veteran Squad sitting in a foxhole within a wood with an arc defined to approx 25 m out. One enemy inf fiqure appears from across the road running straight towards my boys, when the enemy triggers the ambush (at 50sec of move time) they open fire at 20 m & fire three times causing the enemy to hit the ground just on the edge of the wood. I press the 'done ' button & check on my boys 'kill' record to see what damage was inflicted & found 'no kills'. I have found in this game where I am usin
  12. Hi there CM players, Playing with Vet. Russian Partisans defending against Romanians, Hungarians. Problem is the Partisans don't seem to cause any casualties even when springing ambushes at 20 meters at enemy squads running towards them !! Any one have similar problems?? Using V1.03 Thanks, Brian
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