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Some editor questions

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I'm working on a easternfront map. This is how far I'm atm:

Map: done

Units: done

All data: done

What I need to know is:

How to set victory condtions?

How can you change the unit bitmaps? For example --> german AT units to represent 88mm Flak guns or to see mechanised infantry (pz granadiers) and to remake the AA models (with upgrade from single barreld gun to flakvierling and tracked/moterised AA gun)

I will post the info on the map soon when I'm done finetunning the settings.

The map will cover the area for Army group south all the way up to Stalingrad. It will be on division level so expect mass units :eek: and large city's.


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Your scenario sounds interesting and I look forward to seeing it!

For the Victory Conditions, the best thing to do is to take a look at the Victory Conditions scripts in one of the standard campaigns and copy those scripts into the script file in your own campaign, amending the details as you see fit, e.g. you'll need to remove the references to London, Washington D.C. etc and replace them with the tile locations for Kharkov, Kiev, Stalingrad etc.

Take a note of the order in which the different Victory scripts are in the file, because this is important. For example, Major Victory conditions should be above Minor ones, and the reason for this is that the scripts are read in descending order, so if they aren't placed in the right order then someone could be granted a Minor victory when they really deserve a Major one.

For your bitmaps, page 150 of the manual has the basics of making it so that you can use customised graphics in your scenario. Be sure to use a copy of the graphics files and everytime you save the graphics file, you can Refresh Bitmaps in the editor to see if the new graphics look good, are in the right place etc.

You might find some useful graphics in previous games in this series, especially the AA because I'm pretty sure that we used a German light flak graphic for their AA at some point which might be just what you're looking for.

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June the 22nd 1941. Hitler is about to launch Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia.

German, Hungarian, Romanian and Italian troops stand ready. You can take command of 2 of the largest army’s the world has ever seen. Fight your way towards the city of Stalingrad or defend the motherland. There are no decision events. There is just one decision, to fight or die trying.

General info:

-Movement cost are all reduced to 0 (operational, transport and amphibious)

-Turns are simultaneous

-Spring 7 days, summer 5 days (good for summer offensive), fall 7 days and winter 9 days.

-Most of the Russian troops wont be available before January 1942. By this time the German troops are knocking on the gates. Which will be very interesting. There will be a lot of Russian forces ready in July 1942 for the Russian summer counteroffensive.

-objectives are:

Axis: take and hold Stalingrad, the Kakausus and as much land as you can get.

Russia: defend the motherland and puss the German army back.


- HQ’s have 11 units under them. (battle groups)

-The German specialize in: Infantry weapons +1.5 and Anti-tank weapons +2.

- Hungarian, Romanian and Italian troops have there weapon stats downgraded to -0.5 (Infantry weapons, Anti-tank weapons and the artillery) This is because they were poor troops in battle.

-German special forces are SS troops


-The Russians specialize in: Heavy tanks +1.5 and Artillery +2.

-The starting Russian army consists of poor troops. They all have their strength reduced but are well dug-in. The reinforcements will be of full strenght and 1 battle group in Kiev is at full strenght.

-As the Russian commander you start with only 30% industry so develop this technology fast. (+90 MPP a turn) This is to represent the surprise attack from the German army and the readiness of the Russian army.

-Russian special forces are Guard and Shock troops.

Some teaser screens:





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I dont really know how to remake any models. I did read the manual but there isnt alot of info on how to do it. And the scripting thing is hard...

I want the axis army to advance on stalingrad and the russian army to counterattack in 1942 dont know if there will be much scripting.

The models I would like to change:

german AA: (anti aircraft radar lvl)

lvl1: 20mm

lvl2: 37mm

lvl3: 88mm

when moterised: Sdkfz 7/1

german AT gun:

lvl1: 75mm

lvl2: 88mm

when moterised: StugIII

artillery when moterised: Hummel

russian artillery when moterised: katusja

anyone who can help me?

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The scenario looks good!

Changing the actual graphics within the Unit Sprites files just requires pasting a new image in place of the old one, and if you take a graphic that's already been used in a previous edition of SC, then you can also copy and paste the outline of the unit from the Silhouettes file.

Making new graphics from scratch is harder but can be done. For instance, in the SC:WAW Spanish Civil War scenario, some of the armoured vehicle graphics were modified versions of photos I took of some of my 20mm wargames models. It took a little bit of trial and error, but they worked!

The files you would need to have saved into your campaign directory, and which you'll need to change are:

  • unit_sprites_3d.bmp

  • unit_sprites_3d_mirrored.bmp

  • unit_silhouettes_sprites_3d.bmp

  • unit_silhouettes_sprites_3d_mirrored.bmp

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well i downloaded some files and i did find a 88mm flak that i would like to use. can you explain step by step what to do. im kinda a noob :D

if you have some nice models plz help :) i also play 20mm WWII wargames so if you can help me out taking some pics and use them for models would be nice.

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the problem with making new files for models is you need to be a graphic artist. I can cut and paste models around, which I do, but making a new one from scratch is not within my skill sets. Otherwise, look through all of the various mods and their bitmap files and look for other icons you may want. You can then easily copy them around using paint with a little practice. Otherwise, if you really want them, start learning some graphic arts skills.

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The thing to do with any that you've downloaded is to resize the image to be approximately the same size as the images that are already used in the game. Once you've done this you'll have a clearer idea as to whether or not the graphic will work, and also what work, if any, you might need to do to improve it.

Photographing models requires a good light and I put them on light coloured paper so as to get a minimum of background colour. The key to success is to photograph them so that they will be at the same angle as the graphics used in the game, i.e. not straight on but at an angle, and slightly from above too. I took photos from all kinds of angles, and all distances and settings on the camera until I found what worked! It did take a little while, but the rewards when you get the shot right are really pleasing.

I must add that it's been a few years since I took any photos so I can't remember the details of how best to take the photos, but I think that after a short period of time you'll get the hang of it.

I'm afraid that my WWII collection isn't as good as my Spanish Civil War one, partly because I now play the former in 6mm which is just a little too small for this kind of work! But I think that there should be quite a few pictures of nice models online.

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no my artskill is like 0.0 so ill stick to copy/past. if you can help me step by step how you do this?

My art skills aren't actually that much greater! But once you get going on this you'll find that it really drives your enthusiasm to learn.

I think the best thing to do is to make a copy of one of the Unit Sprites files and open it up in MS Paint (or similar) and take a good look at it. You'll need to learn how to select areas, how to copy and paste within the file, and also how to paste as a new image and how to resize an image.

Learning how to do some basic painting will also help for later (e.g. how to select a colour, and how to use the paintbrush).

I strongly recommend having a good play around in MS Paint, learning some skills and getting the feel for how this all works, because I can't really teach you how to do this. But once you've got going I'm sure that we can help with any specific problems.

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I got this model ready to replace the german AA but its outline is white and i cant get it away. i think thats because i need the unit siloute sprite to change but how???



if this works then there will be some nice chnges coming :D

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The Colour Replacer tool will be the key to this, because you need to change the white to be the same colour as the background colour in the Unit sprites file. Hopefully the Help file in whatever program you're using should have a section on this.

I'm glad to see that you're making some progress! :)

PS Once you've worked out how to use the colour replacer, you may also find it useful for making any new graphics have roughly the same colours as the graphics already in the game.

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I think I got the hang of this.

New models in this map:

German SdKfz7/1 AA

German 88mm AT gun

German Hummel artillery

Russian SU76 AT gun

Most of them are ready to go but need to finetune some models.

Ill post some screens after dinner.

Other things I changed:

German corps represented by a army model

German army model represented by the dubble SdKfz251 (panzergrenadiers)

How do I change the unit_silhouettes_sprites_3d?

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How do I change the unit_silhouettes_sprites_3d?

It's been a long time since I did this and to be honest I have totally forgotten how to do it, but I've just had a quick look in Paintshop Pro which I use and the following seems to be a quick way of doing this:

1) Make a copy of your Unit Sprites file. Do not use the original!

2) In the top menu of Paintshop Pro there is a bar for Effects. In the drop down I then selected Edge Effects and Trace Contour.

This created a silhouette of all the units in my file. These would now need to be recoloured using the Color Replacer to the relevant colours (take a look in a unit_silhouettes_sprites_3d file for examples).

I don't know what programme you're using so obviously the actual instructions that I've given above may not be exactly the same for you. It is also of course possible that there may be another way of doing this, but I hope this helps get you started.

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