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Saved Games - a request

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I'm sure this has been covered (must have been): Is there any way to custom name one's saved games, or put them in a separate file.

There are times, when I'm getting so hammered by the bad guys (ai opponent, usually), I just want to stop and perhaps play that game another day and not save over it.

Then the next time I sit down to play, I see that game that I want to continue, but not today. Today, I want a fresh start, a fresh chance to conquer the evil bad machine. But tomorrow, hmmm, maybe I will want to conquer the evil bad machine that is hammering me...

So, is there?


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Hi Brian,

When you click on the save game button (when in game) it will show the Saved Game dialog with a list of saved games as well as the current name of the file you wish to save.

This file name can be edited by using the keyboard and the backspace button. Would this not do what you are looking for?


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