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stuck with nvidia graphics problem

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just got the game-it installs, runs fine until the last dot on the 'loading graphics' message begins flashing-and doesn't stop-the graphics never load, even though the fixed frame graphics with unit info is OK. I can still select units, etc. with the black 3D screen. Have tried alt-TAB, have looked for other drivers, and don't have an anti-aliasing option. The display driver is called RIVA TNT,windows 98,128MB RAM, 20GB HD.

I'm stuck. Can anyone help?

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Which game are you having problems with, CMBO, CMBB or CMAK (hopefully you're familiar with the acronyms for the games) ? Did you get this game from a retail store or over the internet from Battlefront.com ?

Which version of DirectX do you have installed ? Which NVidia driver do you have installed for you Riva TNT ? How much memory is on the card, 16 or 32Mb ?

You can find your DirectX version by going to the Start Menu > Run > type in 'dxdiag' (without the quotes) > on the first tab near the bottom it should tell you the DirectX version. Go to the 'Display' tab and check the three settings for DirectX Features (DirectDraw Acceleration, Direct3D Acceleration and AGP Texture Acceleration). Run the 'Test Direct3D' and see if it passes.

Generally the problem you're seeing happens to some videocards that are incapable of running the 3D graphics of CM. To my knowledge however, the Riva TNT should be capable of running CM. I know a Riva 128ZX with 8Mb could run small CMBB scenarios and that is an earlier videocard (I haven't checked it with CMAK though).

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