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More units, more "modes"

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Subs had "hunt" & "silent"

Fighters have "intercept", "ground", etc.

Carriers have "tactical", "fighter", "mix".

Ground units need modes "Fight", "Skirmish", "Flee", "To Death"

(with a percentage of disobey to orders).

Partisans need modes "Silent", "Fight", "Flee"

Partisans need supply in their own country w/o city, how else they form?

Partisans need an overhaul in general.

All ships need new modes, naval combat in Pacific is sloppy.

Ships need ZOC rules.

Certain ships should be like artillery with ZOC to protect carriers, this way, planes would be more important like in real life.

Special units by country are needed: Japs Kamakazi, Russians fanatic units, US "green troops", German SS, etc.

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Ground unit modes make sense. Scorched Earth would also be a cool ground unit mode in addition to regular "flee".

Partisan modes are the answer to the "surreal" behaviour of current partisan units.

Zones of Control sound interesting for navies. Could you please elaborate on the rules of how this would be implemented. Why not add ZOC to land units and air units. It makes sense for them too.

Green Troops are experience ZERO are they not? That's already represented in the game. Germans had green troops also at the end of the war.

Russian fanatics are just green troops (experience ZERO) set to mode "fight to the death" (To Death). That would be represented by adding modes. Well, it wouldn't totally reflect the Russian Human Minesweepers or Japanese Bonzai Charges so this could be a special attribute...

How about this: Add Special Attributes to HQ units. Bonzai/Kamikaze would be for Japanese. Commisars/Purges would be for Russians. Leonides/Hitlerjugend would be for Germans. Never Surrender/The Few would be for the British. Uncommon Valor/Nuts would be for Americans. These attributes would have varying percentages. The Japanese and Russian definitely were more suicidal than the West. It would be more historical. This is an alternative to special units.

Just as most of those special units were really just green troops with "fight to death" mode, the SS were just experienced troops with "fight to death" mode. The difference is that their chances of disobeying are lower than other units. This could be represented by a HQ technology called "Ideological Units" or something along those lines. Their numbers would be limited somehow. Maybe in the nation settings or unit build settings.

These are good ideas, but the modes and special units seem to overlap...

What about cherry picking. What about the ability to redistribute experience among units. In this manner you could create a Herman Goering or Grossdeutschland if you wanted to or Marine Raiders. That would be very interesting indeed...



fuhrer-T d. t-dogs

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Its an interesting idea. Historically, Russian and Japanese forces were much more likely to fight to the death and charge into overwhelming odds only to get slaughtered while other countries were more likely to withdraw and preserve force instead of mindlessly throwing away men and arms.

Also, scorched Earth has some merit as well where perhaps Russian controlled resources would always go to 0 when captured while other European resources would perhaps not take as much damage. Drop from a 10 to a 5 for example.

I could actually see implementing both of these things not through technologies or leaders but as 'national tendencies'

Have a scale from 'withdraw and preserve' to 'fight to death' for each country as well as a separate scale between 'scorched Earth (on retreat)' and 'preserver resources'.

This could factor into combat and capture of resources based on who last controlled them.

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I´d like to see - but i guess it´s much too late for this - :

- Customizable Unit properties in the editor( to have tanks with supportfire or just have a corps with the hardattack prop. and so on).

- More than 2 sides(axis and allies) for a medieval mod for example all against each other...

- Engineers able to build roads and rails and destroy them, maybe something like bridges

- diplomatic agreements such as defensive pacts or non aggression treaties until a certain date

- mpp transfer system

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