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  1. That's my one issue too. Having played 3 times as the Entente on Hard mode against the AI, all three games have ended by the end of 1917. Usually Germany and France have such low morale by then that its just a race to see who dies out sooner. This means that not only is US intervention unnecessary, there is no real point in fighting for Africa either as the Entente or frankly even worrying about AH or OE as once Germany's morale hits 0 the game is over. So I attack with Russia, blockade with the UK and just try to hold in France, Serbia and Egypt. By Nov 1919, Germany is past saving a
  2. Awesome. Thanks for the reply. That does sound a lot more interesting. All 4 of the campaigns I've played so far have ended long before the US gets involved. It's going to be hell holding on to Paris until then!
  3. Was thinking about trying this one but I was unclear about one thing: Is this campaign like the main campaign other than Italy joining the CP or is there some offsetting advantage for the Entente? If its the former, that seems like a very tough challenge as Italy's navy alone would tip the balance in the Med not to mention their MP's and ground units.
  4. I've been finding all these decision points to be one of the most interesting additions to the game. Its a great solution to allow a lot of historical events and choices to be represented without overly complicating the rules.
  5. Forgive me if this has been covered, but from some of the screenies it appears that Germany's national morale starts at 50%. Is this correct? It seems that Germany is in a huge hole from the start.
  6. Actually, I had some problems on Win7 / 64bit on version 1.0. But as soon as I upgraded to 1.01, everything worked perfectly.
  7. Thanks Bill! This is going to save my ass on the Western Front. I need to swap out a bunch of front line units to upgrade them but of course I can't leave any gaps in my line or the Germans will destroy my trenches.
  8. How does unit swapping work? I tried searching for it in the manual and the forum but I can't seem to find the key / mouse sequence to pull this off.
  9. Argh! Just when the US entered the war and the Red Army was pushing the Germans back away from the Dnieper River the game went into an infinite loop (or the longest AI thinking stage I have ever seen). Anyone know any tricks I can play with the editor to get it to skip past this?
  10. Thanks Hubert and pzgndr! All questions answered. I'll sell off the Canadian Air Force and convert it into some badly needed corps. I'll know the Garrison req's better next game. Right now I'm more worried about holding Moscow than Warsaw!
  11. Can't get the editor to run since the update. Also, while we're on the subject, anyone know how to get aircraft from Canada to Europe? They are at war but when I do operational movement it won't all me to move them anywhere but Canada. Hope I don't see the same prob with the US or it will really hurt my fighter first strategy!
  12. I'm playing 1939 as the Allies. First of all, let me say thanks to pzgndr for a great mod! I am running into one problem though: I keep getting a warning about too few garrisons on Eastern front. What exactly am I supposed to be doing to avoid this message and what price am I paying for it? And before anyone says try Search, I did. After failing to get the Captcha right 6 times, I got it right only to be told my 4 word 25 character search string was too short.
  13. I don't miss the artillery because I never felt they really made sense in on this scale. Is this why arty research is red (disabled?) in the research window?
  14. I understand your pain. I'm playing as the Allies and I'm just bleeding Japan white right now in China. I'd hate to be on the other side. With that terrain and the engineer busy all the time its just going nightmare for the Japs to make any progress. Its mid 41 and I have hardly budged from my starting position. And when I do get pushed back, I have a 4 hex wide defense complex waiting as a fallback position. Any progress they make will be a Pyrrhic victory.
  15. I 'pre-ordered' last night (knowing it was already out), installed it on my laptop which is charging now. And I'm going to play in my car on my lunch break.
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