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  1. It took a few days longer than expected, but now version 1.0 is online. I´m very happy and proud about it and hope you have fun with it. Comments, suggestions and reports about it are welcome.
  2. Hello everyone, its nearly done. Expect version 1.0 within the next days. Unfortunatly the AI will only be playable not challenging, but this will be done within the next versions. MOD-Status: Map 100% Graphics 100% Sound 100% Setup and Balance 100% Research 100% Unit stats 100% Country Boni 100% GameScripts 100% AIScripts 85% Customized Interface 100% Game testing 90%
  3. Thanks pandur, My mod is playable from 1565-1582, when the Oda clan under Nobunaga began to dominate the mid of Honshu until the death of Oda Nobunaga. it´s true of course that everyone in the army weared a sword even the drummers and that there were no banners equipped only with one type of weapon, but this is simply to have different troop types in the game. Mounted were in this time only the Daisho´s (seargant´s), messengers and of course the high ranked; 10% or less normally(except Takeda´s). Their first choice of weapon was the bow(yumi). It is just the time when katana´s came popula
  4. Again, thank you very much for the comment Hubert:D. It´s very motivating for me. I´m eagerly looking forward to finish my mod. A bit off topic, but is it true, that there will be no SC3 and Global Confilict is the last addition in the series? I read it in a post and it would be very sad to have no further games for the best stratagie game ever. As there is so much potential here and I´m full of ideas for the engine and for historical mods (medieval maybe crusades, punic wars,roman empire, alexander, napoleonic, 100years war, 30years war, 7years war...) and I think maybe it is the future for
  5. I found a nice way to boost the AI and to avoid Ronin(partisan) for the AI by simply annexing conquered clan territory. I wrote many new scripts, most for the AI and made some corrections on the existing ones. A few words about my motivation: I really enjoyed playing the good old SHOGUN(Samurai Swords) board game and of course Shogun TW and as I played SC and SC2 so many hours, I once decided to try to catch the spirit of these games by doing my first mod. It was very hard in the begining, cause I never used a graphicprogramm so seriously before. The work on it started about a year ago(reall
  6. Thanks for the help, first question is clear now, but unfortunatly i only have SC2 WAW. Is there any possibility to make it there with some kind of choice for 2 countries to dow, but in the end only one will do it with some chance?
  7. I´d like to see - but i guess it´s much too late for this - : - Customizable Unit properties in the editor( to have tanks with supportfire or just have a corps with the hardattack prop. and so on). - More than 2 sides(axis and allies) for a medieval mod for example all against each other... - Engineers able to build roads and rails and destroy them, maybe something like bridges - diplomatic agreements such as defensive pacts or non aggression treaties until a certain date - mpp transfer system
  8. I have the following problems: Let´s say I write 2 scripts for AI purchase, first one with a 10 % chance for a corps, starting date is 01/01/1940 and the second one with a 20% chance for a corps, starting date is 01/01/1941. What is the result then? Is it a 30% chance in 1941, is only the second script active with 20% or do they work parallel with a 10% and a 20% chance. Does it work with AI research the same way for 2 scripts and 2 starting dates? I have another question about event activationscripts or dowscripts: Let`s say I have Germany(Major), Denmark(Minor), Poland(Minor) and Benelu
  9. Had a lot of other things to be done, but now I´m back at it. - Added 2 more Clans(Saito and Imagawa) for balancing - Wrote many event scripts and basic ai scripts - Worked on the balancing (unit setup, income, possible enemies..., ronin appearance(partisans),...) MOD-Status: Map 100% Graphics 100% Sound 100% Setup and Balance 60% Research 100% Unit stats 100% Country Boni 100% GameScripts 60% AIScripts 10% Customized Interface 90% Game testing 40% Comments are welcome!
  10. Daimyo: The term is used for a clan leader usually, but here it stands for generals or possible clan leaders too. Represented through HQ, but with an acceptable defense value stimulating the elite guard of the daimyo. Daisho Samurai : Used for officers(Samurai Daisho), daisho means the wearing of katana and wakizashi too. Represented through corps here, they are good for infantry fights. Yari Samurai : Yari means Spear, they were up to 7 meters. Represented through army, they are best cavalry defenders with solid infantry fighting abilities. Yamabuchi : Warrior Monks using kin
  11. The testmap "Bonsai General" has been uploaded. Take a look at it as there are screenshots for the real game are included. It was very late when i uploaded it and i thought i had not worked correctly, so i uploaded it twice. dear admin, the first file and announcement can be deleted, sorry. SENGOKU DAIMYO (Feudal Japan) MOD is the new name and i will post all news here.
  12. I´ll start a new thread called :SENGOKU DAIMYO (Feudal Japan) MOD find all news about it there.
  13. Screens are not showing much again, im sorry. I will upload a small testing Campaign called " Bonsai General " soon. So you can take a look at the units, the new half handmade sprites and sounds.
  14. - Sounds are done. - Clanbanners historical accuracy has been increased.(Only 3 flags are not correct out of 37 ). - Historical General- and Daimyonames for HQ`s are done. - Custom Interface, Localization(all pointing to WW2 had been removed). - Graphic issues fixed. - Unitsettup on map is ready(only some Testing units remain). - Research, Costs and Combat Target Values are fine. A few scripts and a multiplayerversion is possible, but as it is my first mod and i enjoy it so far, i want to do a good ai too. I have a few new screenshots for you. The Warmap..., the Uesugi
  15. Thanks Hubert! Your statement means very much to me. :) Thanks for a real great game and a powerful editor.
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