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November-December 1941

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Having recently played a lot of 11-12/41 scenarios, the following question came to me:

Did the Germans conquer any country after this time? (not counting Allies they needed to take control of during their collapse)

I can't think of any, which seems to me odd given the run up to then. But enlighten me.

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They took western Egypt in 1942, as far as El Alamein, having previously been stopped at the border in 1941 when Tobruk held out behind them. They extended into southern Russia in 1942 of course. They occupied Tunisia when the allies invaded North Africa, which might be counted as taking control of an "ally" during its "collapse" (Vichy) or not, depending on what you mean by that. Of course they also occupied the remainder of southern France after Torch, same issue. They occupied northern Italy in 1943 when it formally withdrew from the war after the allied invasion of the mainland, which more obviously fits your description, as do the eastern European countries in 1944.

I don't quite see what is "odd" about it. Every time they successfully conquered a country there was another on their list right behind it; as soon as they failed to do so in one campaign, that string was over.

Japan of course ran riot in the far east for another six months, and the second half of 1942 saw the Axis high water marks world-wide. The only area occupied after November 1942 was southern China, in a successful Japanese offensive of 1944 against Chinese forces, to drive ginned up American airpower based in China out of range of their remaining coastal ports on the mainland.

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Thank you Jason C.

But, bien sur, you mentioned no new countries, not previously allied, who were newly conquered. Why even mention Western Egypt? (I had thought of Libya..but I don't think it was an independent country at this time?) Given the arms-length list one could write in the years and months prior to 12/41.........the string was broken.

[i was hoping you would come up with something like.....Monaco....or some obscure Mediterranean nation.]

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