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Infantry smoke


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Here is the medicin to keep your poor pixeltruppen from run out into a storm of fire :)





1. Face command to where the smoke needs to be dropped.

2. SMOKE command

3. PAUSE. minimum 20sec (had instances when the squad didnt have time to throw smoke when under 20 sec)

4. QUICK/FAST/ASSAULT/MOVE over the open area.

5. Sitt back and watch your Soldiers run in full safety of the smoke!

20 sec delay wasnt enough here, the smoke didnt have time to deploy enough, should have gone with 30 or 40 sec. depends on wind in the scenario.

Hope this helps.


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Select the waypoint from which you wish to place smoke (it could also be the present vehicle location if there is no desire to move the vehicle).

Create a FACE command in the direction desired

Select the SMOKE command; the SMOKE target line will appear to show you what it will do (if the vehicle will move, the SMOKE target line shows the direction relative to the waypoint).

Err, at least that's what I use. My apologies if that doesn't work!



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