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My impression of the baking feature: incomplete and even a bit of an afterthought. The scope of it is very limited, typically to just the first few minutes. Orders cannot be assigned to reinforcements, so AI reinforcements are out. There is a limit to how many way points can be assigned on the map at any one time, so you can't have that many units moving. Basically a baked scenario, unless you use clever work-rounds, has to be very small and very short.

I could see it being very useful for a small AI attack scenario, since the exact nature of the orders would allows them to coordinate fires and use terrain better.

Baked actions in the scenarios were.. everything. :P Can't have AI plans in a baked scenarios. The "reinforcements" were actually on the map the whole time and had a bunch of Wait commands to keep them out of sight. The Syrian guards start at their barracks and then run to positions using the baked commands, although they rarely get there after those helos light the place up. The BTRs and jeeps running out of the complex also use baked commands.

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I didn't know about the waypoint limitation.....that's good to know.

One useful gap-filler (since the TAC-AI lacks the capability) would be to use it to have enemy AI BLUE troops equip their Javelin launchers and pre-deploy to overwatch positions.

Also, convoy movements. This is actually what I experimented with, and it's tricky. I was able to get a line of 4 humvees to move along a pre-programmed path by using baked movement and pause features. But if anything goes awry, the units will abandon their pathing and eventually stall...permanently.

I also didn't realize you couldn't combine it with regular AI stuff, which REALLY limits usefulness except in very simple scenarios (as you mention).

I have to agree it does feel sort of like an afterthought. It sort of makes me wonder what BFC's intentions were with this particular feature. Was it something other than the things others have already done and the things I mentioned above?

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