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Windows XP Pro PC reboots after selecting shutdown...

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This is not game related, but I am experiencing an intermittent problem when I shut down my machine. I select shut down and rather than turn off, the machine reboots as if I had selected reboot from the shutdown menu/box.

I have entertained the possibility that this might be a problem with my hyper-sensitive mouse. I have a Razer Viper gaming mouse. It seems to overreact to the slightest touch on occassion.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with shutdown?


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That sounds a bit strange. I have heard of (in the past) where Windows 98/ME wouldn't finish shutting down. Of course you're running Windows XP and most of the problems associated with the "computer that won't shut down" with Windows 98 seemed to have been solved with XP.

If you think it may be the mouse, I'd suggest using keystrokes to shutdown the computer and see if that makes a difference: 'Windows key' (between Ctrl and Alt keys) to bring up the Start Menu > up arrow key, this should (mildly) highlight the 'Turn Off Computer' button > press the Enter key > the 'Turn Off Computer' button window should show up > right arrow key once to highlight 'Turn Off' (Standby is default) and press Enter on this.

If your problem remains after doing this, then I'd assume that there is something wrong with your system other than your mouse (specifically it potentially pointing to something else when you click on it).

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