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Help with demo

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I downloaded the CMBB demo and installed it... When I try to run the game clicking on the desktop icon it goes to to a plack screen with the little blue Screen box saying 'Frequency Overange'....? Why is this...

I run Windows XP Home...

I have the screen refresh rate at 100hz

It doesnt matter what resolution I change to e.g. 800 x 600

what is the problem...?

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What you're seeing is the 'resolution selection screen' in CM. It's just a black screen with a text box in the middle listing the resolution and refresh rate along with some buttons to 'skip' or 'select'.

What is happening here is that CM is giving a resolution and refresh rate combination that is beyond your monitor's capability to display. The 'Frequency Overscan' error is actually coming from your monitor, which is blocking the display image since it is beyond its frequency range.

Your initial desktop resolution is important to CM since that is the initial and maximum resolution that CM will attempt to display. However CM will use the highest vertical refresh rate offered by the videocard at that resolution. Thus you can be running at 1024x768 @ 100Hz vertical refresh, but your videocard may be capable of more. CM may start out at 1024x768 @ 160Hz if your videocard is capable of that.

All is not lost however. All you have to do is just wait. CM will automatically try the next lower refresh rate available in the video driver. In the above example CM may start at 1024x768 @ 160Hz and then after 5-10 seconds it may try the next lower vertical refresh rate at that same resolution, which might be 1024x768 @ 140 Hz (which may still be beyond your display's capability to use). Eventually a vertical refresh rate will show up on the screen that your monitor can use. I'd suggest using the same vertical refresh rate in CM as you do your desktop, which will typically alleviate the necessity to adjust the monitor's image (width, height, etc.).

The one possible problem to this scheme is how your monitor responds to out of frequency range signals. Your monitor may just pop up the warning/error box until that particular signal is removed. Once a signal with the proper frequencies is seen it should hopefully just display them once they are present. However the problem comes when some monitors just shut down their circuitry once an out of frequency signal is seen. Though these monitors are becoming less common, some of them still behave this way and that can cause problems for CM. At that point, depending on the videocard and drivers you have, some modifications may need to be made to some of the resolutions and refresh rates available (the Nvidia line has this capability of limiting resolutions and refresh rates).

To summarize, just wait a little while after that monitor warning. Eventually a resolution should pop up on the screen that is usable. Just hit the Enter key or click on the 'Select' button on screen. CM will keep that resolution until you either delete the Preferences file or change your desktop resolution below what CM is set for and launch CM while at that lower resolution.

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