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Which mission in German campaign is the best?


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'In Defend' (2nd Mission / Faidpass) most

closely followed by 'Sbeitla'

Thala was the least exciting mission for me but mostly due to the limited diversity of British units in the game and missing British units in the town of Thala itself (maybe historicly accurate however). But don't get me wrong - I liked it.

Having played the Kasserine Pass scenario with the russian demo several times before, it was nice to find out the differences between the demo-mission and the 'final' - mission in the game. It was quite interesting to sneak up the hill(s) and to take out that AT-positions from behind. In addition airsupport and experienced troops helped significantly to manage the scenario.

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Beyond the Faid Pass

- straight forward attacking mission was fun

- played mission twice but both times my tanks were owned by the final counter-attack and therefore I had to be saved by 2 supporting allied tigers (it felt like I didn't really win it)

Sidi Bou Zid

- I enjoyed this mission because it's the only real defensive mission and I get to kill everything with 88s !!!


- interesting map with interesting challenges in the mission

- a mix of close quarter and long range combat

Kasserine Pass

- again, interesting map and nicely designed mission

- quite restricted conditions to operate within (I believe many would find this frustrating)

- challenging mission for me as I had numerous tanks disabled from side shots

- need to use the cover to your advantage, can't try rushing this mission


- easiest mission for me (almost too easy)

- could get good angles on most enemy artillery and engage them one at a time.

- airpower was deadly

- counter-attacks walked straight into my fields of fire and got slaughtered


- straight forward attacking scenario

- loved it because only mission I get to use tigers !!!


Liked them all but best mission was Sbeitla, closely followed by Kasserine Pass.

Worst of a good bunch was Faid Pass because it felt like I lost and was only saved by my allies 2 tigers.

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Sidi Bou best mission, a defensive turkey shoot. But the counter attack was challenging and I found I had to carve the pie with my tanks, not expose them to the US TD, look for hull down.

Hated Kasserine. I tried a full frontal, hung back and used ground fire with my tanks. This worked but my tanks were out of ammo when the brit valentines counter attacked. Second try I sent all my infantry up the pass to get behind the 3 british cannon. It was like hurding cats trying to lob smoke while the guns would hit the exposed guys and anyone nearby. The ones that made it behind the burm which is too far for grenades were cut down when they tried to throw grenades. No way 4 squads could sneak up on and throw enough grenades to overpower 3 guns. 3rd try I used a smaller squad and sacrificed 1 guy at a time as suicide bombers, with single grenade attacks over and over. eventually the grenades got lucky.

I liked sbeitla, tough to figure out whats going on with the hidden guns. I won this with only 8 guys left.

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The German campaign was by far the best of the "in the box campaigns".

If anything they were a little too easy (probably solely because their equipment is so good when properly employed), but immensely enjoyable.

The missions were all good and it is too hard to pick a winner. I do remember enjoying the last 2 missions the most.

Once again I would have liked to have seen the full pallet of units available for each mission plus free choice slots and no points to limit the fun. Have a force pool approach to unit choice rather than the silly point system.

More missions would have been better too, again the campaign was way too short. Do not limit yourselves to specific historic dates and events of major actions. At the scale of operations represented in this game (platoon and section combat) there are no limits to the number of minor skirmishes and so on that would have/could have occurred at any given time in the African campaign.

The mission briefing could have less info about the soldiers home life and feelings and more about the likely enemy, his positions, units , use of terrain, and clear mission objectives and suggested use of specific units in it.

I intend to load the "balance mod" soon and replay all the campaigns again but first onto the Centauro campaigns with the game in its out of the box condition.



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