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  1. I agree with you man. Except for one thing. As in TOW Africa, the campaign(s) is way too short. I was done with German campaign, will start with Russian soon, but again, the game will earned 95 of 100 of excellence with, lets say, 5 mission per campaign more. Neitherless, very, very good game...
  2. I saw this randomly in German campaign too. Most of the time it was when I press F6 key (quick load). Cant explain why
  3. Quote: 've noticed that once I've passed a certain point in a scenario that is tied to a campaign the frame rates jump through the roof. The only thing I can attribute to this increase in workload is some type of landscape change. End of qoute. Exactly to myself. But even when frame rates is lower this not affect game playability to the level where is imposible to play. I've noticed this "feature" in 4th mission (German side), and after that the frame rate does not go under steadily-sh 20 frames per second... And I have not very fast machine...
  4. OK, sniper is too poor to shoot anything. Even on distance about 50 meters, they do not score one single hit in 30 attempt :mad:
  5. Personally, I cannot confirm decreasing (at least not much) performance, even when plane strafing in first mission. All goes nice and smooth, for now...
  6. I as said in first post, performance is great, even with high settings, and with many units on front. Nice job guys!!!
  7. Is it just me, but I think that the performance of the release version is, lets say, much better than demo version. More fluent, even FPS higher (not much, but better). Even on high detail... OK, just quick observance on first mission.
  8. My suggestion for incoming patch/patches (if not too late ) is to add new command-button for infantry: using weapons of choice in tactics manner - big guns -> grenades -> small guns ... When approaching enemy infested building, and no friendly forces around (in lethal distance), use the grenades instead of small guns, and vice-versa, when in buildings and friendlies is nearby DON'T use grenades... Its a common sense in infantry tactics (was in HV - Croatian army in war for three and a half year) that when approaching risky object first use big guns-grenade launcher (if possible), then an
  9. On the way to Thala, best. The Kasserine Pass, worst.
  10. This is it, I just finished all campaigns in the game, and I'm sad that there is no more battles per campaign, like it was addressed before on this forum. Now, on 64-bit Win7 game runs very well, without a single crash... So bring us more campaign, this is too few for such a game like TOW 2.
  11. Because I been so inpatient to catch the following patch, yesterday I download 64-bit version of Windows 7, reinstalled all my programs, and now been playing TOW2 for 2-3 hours, lots of saving, lots of loading, not even one CTD or bug-like behaviour, started german campaign from first mission... This is truly 64bit game. But this is not a good for all users-buyers of game. Just for one game switch to 64bit OS version. I have some particular program that only run on 32bit (lucky me, there is VirtuapXP )
  12. Thanks for quick answer, untill patch I call all my soldiers to give up weapons
  13. Nope, the file is closed for debbuging. Can someone check this renderer type problem, if exist? Thats my point of view for crashes... Developers... your turn.
  14. OK, after a lot of time trying to get one particular mission to even start - The defence of Sidi Nsir; and looking into the log file, my question is: what type of renderer this game use: Direct3d or OpenGL? What I think is that in mission builder game "use" OpenGL and in the "core game" Direct3D. I try to switch on OpenGL to use as primary renderer in game and now I got exactly the same type of error like sometimes in game: Runtime error#3(trap). Maybe some false code in core program occasionaly-random trying to switch to OpenGL renderer, and that is the point of CTD? OK, I will try to use d
  15. OK, now it is serious. This game has to be patched soon as possible. Im stuck on british campaign - The defence of Sidi Nsir. No matter what I try, the game dont event start properly. Some time I can not even got the setup phase screen, game either crash to desktop without any warning or I got Fatal: out of memory error. Once I got this setup phase, press F5 for quick save and, guess what? Of course, fatal error.
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