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Desperate oldie

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I have just had a new system and the same problem happens with C/M and Morrowind the games load ok but as soon as the cm scenario,qb or pbem battle starts my computer freezes have to reset.In morrowind exact same thing at the start of game when asking to name avatar(I think that is the correct word).

The editor of morrowind and a couple of programs that do NOT have to access the cd seem to work ok.

System ga-7vrxp m/b with an amd 2000x cpu 512 ddr 333 ram 1.6 mhz.Gainward geforce4 ti4200 twin view graphics card.Win 98 on original h/d.Another h/d for future install of xp.BTCBTE40121M cd/r.

This may not be relavant

When picking up comp was told there may be a problem with sound and may have to do a clean install of win 98.

As soon as computer was started next day mouse not found on screen,started a few times restarts etc and finally got all going reasonable but no c/m.

Next day same no mouse advised to do a reinstall of windows after many tries computer and internet ok still no go c/m.

Next day.........the same problems and the next day it is now Sat evening and I am going to leave the computer on till mon morn when I will take it back.

So sorry for the long winded rant but I was hoping some one may have a bit of info I can give to my computer man.

Regards Rob


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If the shop has suggested you reinstall Win98 you may want to do that at some point. You can format the second disk that you intended to use for XP and copy any files that you want to keep (and possibly driver files too, etc.). I'd suggest reformatting the hard drive and updating all of your drivers respectively. Problems with the sound could cause lockups (especially since CM is quite sound intensive).

If you intend to stay with Win98 I'd suggest that you install DirectX 8.1 and get the latest official driver from NVidia, which should work OK with CM. You'll also want to install the VIA 4-in-1 chipset driver before the video driver. Your sound is based on the Creative CT5880 chip you can get these drivers from Gigabyte.

You may want to follow the instructions at the bottom of this thread. You can try them first before reinstalling Win98 or perform them (other than the general need to delete the previous video drivers) during the install of Win98.

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Thank you for the reply I have done most of what you suggested but not neccesarily in the right sequence or the updated drivers.

I will not try anymore until I get this mouse problem and the shut down fixed.

Thanks again.

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Do you mean you have no mouse at all within Windows or just in CM ? What kind of shutdown problem are you having; is it that Windows won't get to the shutdown screen and just hangs ?

The mouse problem sounds a little strange being intermittent like that. What type of mouse is it and what port (serial, PS/2 or USB) is it hooked up to ?

The shutdown problem can be due to drivers and other configuration problems. You're probably at a stage where a clean install of Windows will be the best place to start.

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Hello again

Actually had C/M running for about 10 mins or so with 1 crash when I fast forwarded the movie and hit a few keys at the same time, morrowind ran for 10 mins no crash.

What I did for what it is worth did not update drivers though I have downloaded them.Removed creative start up icon by altering a key in the registry,removed the creative disk activate tool ??? program then ctrl/alt/del everything alse except explorer,deactivate extended desktop as C/M would not even load with this on.

Mouse not found on start up and windows did not shut down correctly.Tried disabling fast shut down but then the computer lights and fans stayed on and the computer power button would not shut down so reactivated fast shut.

Done a few resets and shut downs today and all seems to be ok.So it is wait and see what happens in the morning after I shut down tonight.

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