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Global variables

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Hi Cantona

A trigger % is a random die roll carried out every turn, whereas a Global Variable (GV) is determined at the beginning of the game, and an event will only occur if the GV assigned to the script matches the GV number it was given at the start of the game.

GV= 1[1,100] will always trigger because Global Variable #1 will always have a value between 1 and 100. But if in your script you set it to be GV= 1[1,50], then you will probably only see this script fire in half your games on average, as it should be that in half your games GV#1 is between 1 and 50. Such a script wouldn't fire if the GV determined at the start of the game is between 51 and 100.

It's basically just another way of adding some randomness to scripts, where desired.

I hope this helps.


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