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B-17 Spotting

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I saw a film of a firepower demonstration at Eglin AFB where a B-36 was dropping 1,000 lb HE. The line of explosions looked like it was a quarter of a mile long. I thought it would never stop.

I got to look up into the bomb bay of a static display B-52 once, and it looked big enough to hold a semi-trailer. Of course the bombs both planes were designed to haul were huge. A little later the size came down on later marks, so I guess they would have been able to haul more of them. They certainly hauled plenty of conventional HE bombs for Arc Light missions.


I think one version of B-52 carried 108 750-lb bombs...ouch!

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Oh yes BBBBBBBBB17 BBBBBooomber. The Intellivision was great especially with the Intellivoice

Oh man, forgot to check Youtube, thanks for posting that taylor. Also caught the

Wow, what blast from the past. I remember my brother was in charge of flying and bombing while I was in charge of shooting the fighters.

For those that don't know what the hell we're talking about, here's a clip of the actual gameplay. Bear in mind though this is 1983, that clip can be viewed in HD though.

Edit: Sh*t, I'm getting old!

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