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New campaign "El Derjine " underway shots

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As told earlier, here are the first shots of the landscape of the map of 2.5km². It starts at El Derjine goes east toward the bridge which is now destroyed and all the way north in a high plateaux country with few afghanistan passes. A vital dam is located at the west side of the river that starts at the eastern destroyed bridge; I have tested the countryside riding an humvee up and down the valleys, hills and passes. It is quite a hard ride that precludes large tanks uses. As a matter of fact, I think that in the coming scenario of what is call for the moment "Recon In Force" small teams with and or without Humvees will be heli transported and the teams will move like their SAS counterpart or French special forces "Air Commando" to their objectives, spot them, call airstrike and or artillery while avoiding at all cost any fight. They will open the way to larger and stronger units in the next maps of the campaign. More to come.......



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Well, thanks a lot guys. I shall try to catch a video of the humvee bumping over the crest of the hills or going through the passes. You might be able to see, that way the shooter in the ring lean backward, while the Humvee negociate a steep descent and lean forward for the opposite; I had never seen that before. I was really surprise. I think that the humvees will be employ in the campaign a way similar to the Long Range Desert Patrols of the WWII British era.


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