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Nupremal has a great WORLD mod!

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CSS - saw your notes about the country flags. I changed them, so you should be seeing the correct ones. Make sure you unzipped the whole file as-is in your /campaign folder - the campaign config file should be in the "Nupremal World Campaign" folder and have all of the settings = 1 in order to work:





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One more note - some oddities I have noticed that are not my fault:

1) The icons on the view screen are overlaid on the map but significantly off - they show much lower than the land which is displayed. I am not sure why that would be.

2) Loops - they seem funny - as in at the edges they sometimes pop the unit in off the map instead of on the loop (and there are no units blocking) - this means sometimes the unit does not have enough move it has to get off the reverse loop and gets stuck popping back again. Plus, it just feels wrong.

3) I never had an answer from anyone on convoys. It seems to me that if a nation is 100% allied and has a convoy, the convoy does no good except for giving a target to the enemy subs. In other words, if Norway is worth 20 but I get 5 convoy or 0 convoy the net = 20 no matter what, right? Or am I wrong?

4) I originally had NO convoy from France (active minor) to USA, but without it USA did NOT get French MPPs - at least, while they were at 0% they did not.

5) Hubert fixed surrender 2 script - BUT it does not work for a decision. In other words, if I link the Vichy decision to a (forced) surrender via script, it will NOT fire. That is why I had to change it to trigger when Paris is occupied - and France may not fall right that turn.

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