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MPP Values

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I'm having trouble understanding how the computer calculates MPPs.

As a test, I started the Z campaign game as the Japanese. I ended the first turn without making any moves. At the end of the turn I collected the following:

1. MPPs = 122

2. Convoy (Manchuko) = 70

3. Convoy (French Indo-China) = 15

4. Total = 207

Based on the manual, I understand items 2 and 3, but I can't get to item 1. On the map I have the following MPPs:

1. Japan (including Okinawa, Taiwan, and Korea) = 110

2. Manchuko = 85 (one city was reduced from 8 to 5 - I'm assuming by partisans)

3. China = 90 (8 cities of 8 MPPs, 1 of 6 MPPs, and 4 of 5 MPPs)

4. Fr Indo-China = 15

So the total of on map MPPs is 300, which if multiplied by Japan's Industrial Modifier of 50% yields 150 MPPs, not the 122 I was given. If I take out Manchuko and French Indo China (assuming these MPPs come in the convoys), then the total should be (110 + 90) x .5 = 100... still not 122.

What am I missing? Can anybody help me understand these calcs?

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Hi Bcdane,

There is a slight error with the MPP calculation of occupied resources in China by Japan.

It's a little tricky but for v1.00 of the Pacific Theater release, Chinese IM and IT levels apply to the occupied Chinese resources that Japan holds but to answer your question more specifically this is how it should all break down.

Japan 110 x 50% IM = 55 MPPs

China 89 (8x8 + 5x5) (Incorrectly calculated in v1.00 as 67 MPPs, i.e 89 x 75% Chinese IM)

Manchukuo 88 x 80% Convoy = 70.4 = 70 MPPs

French Indo-China 15 MPPs

Grand Total of 207

On the MPP report screen it would show Japan + China as the Chinese convoy is not yet setup until China surrenders, i.e. it would look like the following:

55 + 67 = 128 (Japan + China)

70 Manchukuo

15 French Indo China

For the first patch the Chinese MPPs will of course be properly calculated as 89 MPPs

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the reply. That clears it up rather nicely.

If I understand correctly, the corrected totals for Japan and China will be 55 + 89 = 144. The convoys will remain at 70 and 15. So the grand total will then be 229.

I've only played through one game, but am very much enjoying the game.

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