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Skyboxes Out of Synch with Game Time


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I don't know if this is a known issue or not, but I've noticed the skyboxes seem to track real-life time rather than game time. Here are a pair of screenshots taken from the same game. The first shot and the second shot are taken one hour apart in actual time elapsed (one taken at 1pm this afternoon the second at 2pm this afternoon), but in that hour I played no turns at all, just left CMSF running at the scenario start. Game time for both shots is 0100. I actually started the game up several hours earlier, but I didn't take a screenshot. If I had an initial screenshot it would have been close to pitch black as one would expect for 0100 hours.

This is mostly an issue for me because I've been leaving CMSF in the background when working and then alt-tabbing to it and playing few turns when I want a break from work. Can I assume that the skyboxes are only cosmetic and that any LOS or combat calculations is based on the game clock regardless of the illumination shown?



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Like Elmar said, except it's not any orders phase, just and only the deployment phase. It's got to do with the clock having to be ticking during the setup or else you couldn't move units around. Once you hit go, the clock is reset to the start, so it has no game effect.

Okay, that's cool. It's just very disconcerting to be mulling over the scenario, alt-tab back in and have the time of day apparently radically changed. Thanks guys.

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