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New campaign: 1940 Sweden

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I have not played; I just opened it up and looked at it through the editor.

Beautiful job on the map! Two questions:

The Germans look like they have overwhelming force, what can give the Swedes an advantage?

I see the aircraft carrier in Gotland; did the Swedes actually have an aircraft carrier?

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I have not playtested it enough, but i am planing to create one for 1943 also, that is the another date the Germans plannen to attack Sweden, and there are quite many swedish uints scripte to arrive, but it will be tough 1940.

And yes Sweden had a small carrier then, so i put it in even though it was small.

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I have now updated the campaign and moved it into the repository.

1940 Sweden v1.1

Changes for v1.1

Added names to some resources

Added text with names of resources

Adjusted artillerys range

Added roads

Changed rockets to fortress guns

Added fortress guns to Sweden

Added some units to Sweden

Added partisan scripts

Changed bitmaps for German HQ´s and Swedish fortress guns

Changed dates in unit scripts and added 1 Finnish unit

Added Swedish fortresses and 1 port

Changed action points for most unit types

Fixed weather on some tiles

Added offensive scripts

Added strength script for UK bomber attacks

Changed to daily turns

Changed combat data

Adjusted Swedish map

Changed some research

Increased German Build limits for Tanks and added units to the map

Changed resource data

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