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  1. Hi Will, You have to have AOD - a Global War expansion; Go to the link here, http://www.battlefront.com/index.php...c=select&id=55 Download the zip file; Extract the file to the Campaign folder; You'll end up with a sub-folder and .exe file labeled 1945 Operation Olympic; Start AOD and select 1945 Operation Olympic. Robert
  2. Hi, Yes it is. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=select&id=55 Enjoy! Robert
  3. Hi Michel, It ends in 1947, I made the correction on the Intro page. I did not add too much detail to the Asian mainland - it is mostly used as background to the events in Japan. Robert
  4. Thanks Hubert, I will upload the file to the AOD repository.
  5. I uploaded a AOD file to the Global War Repository folder... at the time I was thinking that that folder would the best spot; on reflection I seemed to have confused the situation . Can we add a AOD folder like the AOC one ?
  6. It is for AOD... there was no AOD repository . Sorry, I will add a note in the Repository .
  7. Hi Mathiasbw, The game starts post Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So, scripts are used to keep those cities supply level low. I am not planning on any additional A-Bombs. Robert
  8. Hi Mathias, I understand. I'll try to make that "fight to the last" part of the game. I have included kamikazes... aircraft, small boats and human torpedoes. Robert
  9. Hi Mathias, I did not plan on making the partisans stronger, why should that be? Yes, I have included the UK; their Pacific Fleet plus British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and Indian army Divisions. Robert
  10. Hi Mathias, Yes, would say map would be available in September; maybe late September. I do have Japanese militia; I have to script those in, not really sure how I'll do that yet. We'll also have Japanese partisans. Robert
  11. Hi Mathias, I have considered the effects of the a-bombs... I'll use a script to keep Hiroshima and Nagasiki low on supply; also the Japanese 2nd Army HQ (Hata) will be just re-forming outside Hiroshima. My current thoughts have turned to Manchuria and Korea; how far the Soviet advance would have gone by November, and what the American reaction would have been. I think the American plan to occupy Japanese lands (operation blacklist) included designated units to land in Korea at Inchon. There are lots of historical references, so I can look into the actions being planned by MacArth
  12. Hi mathias, Sorry, but no. I got inspired recently after viewing Letters from Iwo Jima and started work on Operation Downfall... I have most of the map done, but have some work to do on scripts. Here are a couple of pics of progress so far... [
  13. Yes, it is in the repository. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=2649
  14. Maybe the will get overrun... but I think the Germans will stop them before Warsaw... I hope someone will play and let us know.
  15. I used the standard AOC map with time frame of 15 May 1941 till 1 Jan 1945... kept it simple. =)
  16. Good day all, I just uploaded a campaign modification. It should be reviewed and ready for download soon. This modification supposes that Zhukov recognized the signs that the German Army was massing at the border in 1941 and proposed a plan to preempt their invasion by attacking first. This move is approved by Stalin who does not close his eyes to intelligence warnings. The game starts with the Red Army attacking into Poland with a fully mobilized force. What would have happened if they had attacked; could they have stopped or just slowed down the German Blitzkrieg? Changes: -
  17. There is a Korean War scenario in the repository at http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=select&id=22
  18. Ok, the Soviet AI will try to capture Narvik.
  19. Never saw that before, but there are a number of variables like supply and range that go in to interception. If it keeps happening it may be a bug. In that case save the game turn and send to Hubert. Robert
  20. If I remember correctly there is a script that controls an invasion of Norway. Is Norway controlled by the Allies? Robert
  21. Hi Karhu, Thanks for the complements; I think we enjoyed making this game as much everyone else is enjoying playing in. The armored train issue is something we are looking into. You know, that type of unit is so new and we are just learning how to fit it into the games. Don’t know why the Don’s don’t surrender, that’s something else we can look into. You are kidding me – we messed up on the NW White train. We could add some tracks or just take the unit out of the force pool; good catch. We’ll look the flags over. But the Western Ukraine’s flag is a reversed version of Ukraine
  22. The weather is the same as the basic WW1 game. That part of the map was not used until now, so we have some surprises. Interesting what happened to the French advance, we never saw that in testing. We’ll take a look at the scripts and make sure they are working correctly. Funny you should mention the state of armored trains; those units have gone through some changes. At one point we did have them with artillery capabilities. We’ll look at this again. I am so glad you like the game. There are so many people that worked on this and I know that your complement is well received.
  23. This one of my favorite DEs. It gives you a significant option and depending how both the Germans and Japanese are played really can change the historical outcome in SE Asia.
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