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Hi guys,

I made this script:


#NAME= Estonia Capital




#FLAG= 1

#TYPE= 2

#AI= 0




#DATE= 1918/05/01




In my mod Estonia is isolated and only have a supply about 5. From here (Estonia) some units of the major allied power will start to conquer. But I want a supply level from 10 and not 5. This supply script do not work. Please help.


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Hi Amadeus

Supply scripts are actually used to damage resources and therefore the supply they provide, rather than in providing supply.

Is Estonia an independent country in your mod? If so, I would just recommend giving the Estonians a HQ as that will give Estonian forces good supply.

If not, e.g. if it's part of the Soviet Union, but cut off from other parts of the USSR, it can easily be given higher supply by making Tallinn an Industrial Centre.

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Oh, I see. I only want to rise the supply and dont know how. I have an attachment in zip. Big pictures are not allowed in the forum. But maybe you can watch and have an idea to solve my problem.

To your questions: Yes to all. Estonia is independent, a city and a Industrial Centre but at level 5. And, Yes there are a estonian HQ aswell as there are foreign friendly troops to receive better supply.


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