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CM(BO&BB) and S3 SuperSavage IXC (IBM T23)


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I have laptop from work and have little problem with its 3d card and CM :(

Does anyone know if there are some ways to make CM work correctly with S3 SuperSavage IXC 1014 display card?

My problems are:

1) arcs don't always show, when played beta first didn't get them but after few turns they showed (set them in beginning)

2) bases are not fully shown, part of base is transparent and in CMBO I think it also blinked (not sure if blinking was fixed with lates driver update)

3) selection box around unit does not show

Those I can remember right away. I know this display card has some problems with other games (I think some z-buffer things), at least in GTA3 sometimes don't see mission markers (blue transparent things..

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Sadly, what you're seeing is probably unavoidable with the drivers that are available which you may find at VIA Arena or S3 (if you can identify your chipset properly) or the actual laptop manufacturer's page which may not have anything newer than what you're currently using.

S3 drivers are notoriously incomplete. They don't release updates often and 'gaming' isn't one of their top concerns anymore with their concentration on integrated video for laptops and desktops (though they intend on releasing some performance desktop chips in the future).

If the graphics are that much of a problem you can turn off the 'Direct3D Acceleration' in the DirectX Diagnostic applet. Deleting the CM Prefs file will force you to go through the resolution selection process again. However you'll only be offered 640x480 resolutions that mention 'Software Mode'. This is a software rendering mode, which is quite a bit slower and less graphically pleasing, but it shouldn't have the problems that you're seeing.

Unfortunately this process doesn't work with CMBB since it doesn't support software mode at 800x600. I don't know if or when that can/may be corrected in the future.

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I played demo little bit more and I think it is playable, just couple little things that have to remember.

Arcs seem to disappear (they start to blink lightly) when use view 4 or larger, on smaller levels they are clearly visible.

Bases are hard to see and units are hard to find from craters and such.. just have to find closest HQ and see where line goes, or select area and see where units are.

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