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PBEM V1.11 and British Compatability ?


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I know v1.10 PBEM's are not compatible with v1.11, so i have now two copies of CMSF on my computer v1.10 and v1.11, to allow me to finnish v1.10 PBEM's.

My question is can i now start new PBEM's or am i going to have the same PBEM incompatibility problems when British Module is released, will V1.11 PBEM files work with British module ? The British Module should be out soon hopefully !!! so should i start new PBEM's in v1.11 or should i wait for British module ? Can BFC please Comment ? i now British module is an addon and should only effect British games, but i just want to make sure before i have three copies of CMSF on my computer.

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Modules don't have any effect on PBEM. What you're really asking is if v1.12, if that comes as a by-product, will break PBEM.

Probably not. The reason why 1.10 PBEM's can't be loaded with 1.11 is that there were so many PBEM specific fixes in the patch. Now the PBEM works great and I personally cannot imagine any radical changes in that department coming, so I'd say you can start games with 1.11.

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No need to wait for the Brits module - not even a firm release date yet. When that comes out you'll just plug it into whatever patched version of CMSF you have.

When our 1.10 PBEMs have finished we can just delete the old version of CMSF.

All new PBEMs should be started in 1.11 to take advantage of all the goodies.

In the meantime: On with battle!

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