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Missing Units

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I'm playing one of the Semper Fi missions called Battle for Objective Pooh.

As I was progressing, it suddenly went from dark to light and, as it did so, I noticed one of my units disappearing right under my nose. I was sneaking them forward to a building under cover fire from an LAV(??) and when it went light, they just disappeared!

As soon as I saw this, I inspected the rest of the battlefield and noticed another unit, over to the west of the map had disappeared. No sign of them at all and there were no enemies around them immediatly prior to the switch to daylight.

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Have you tired switching of shadows in the hot keys section. It's along shot but given your description it's hard to tell. With some Nvidia drivers there was an issue that with shadows enabled your units just seem to vanish, disable shadows and they appeared. Otherwise we'll need a save game file to see what is actually happening.

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Re-opening this because I just experienced it again with a saved game.

I do have a save if you want it, but switching shadows off brings the units back. However, that means I can't play with shadows on, which takes away from the realsitic feel of the battlefield.

Is there a fix for this as yet?

I am using 180.48 on a nVidia 8800GT OC2 512MB card Windows XP SP3

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