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The invisible CM discs, or "New Comp Blues"

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This is the sad story of a bloke who tried to run his old games on his new rig.

Only to find his rig cant see the discs in the drive.

CMBO..."please insert disc" :mad:

CMBB...ditto :confused:

CMAK...ditto :eek:


P5NSLI @ 2.13

2g RAM

Win XP (sp3)...updated

Geforce 7300 GT...drvr updated

Pioneer DVR-212D DVD-RW...drvr updated

In the interest of not wasting your time, my comp skills require that you advise me, much as you would, an old cranky uncle, that is, slowly with lots of patience and understanding ( a few pictures with circles and arrows on the back, couldnt hurt).



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I can solve part of your problem - dont' both er loading CMBO : )

Please confirm whether you have those nasty CDV versions of the great game. Obviously does not apply to CMBO ........

I have had problems years ago I vaguely remember that slowing my reader down helped get all the close knit files off. Yours is not being seen at all suggestd to me something is wrong with the set-up. Have you played any other CD's in the machine? I know its a silly question but it gives me confidence : 0

Which games?

At least its Sp!

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Sorry I meant to spell XP rather than Sp!

CDV was/is a German company who was licensed to sell in Europe. They had a horrible encryption on their CD's which meant a lot of readers couldn't. But some could.

Anyway I understand that their packs got to the US and were going cheap. It should say on the label which company produced them.

If the discs have run on other computers I think it is the specific reader on your new computer that is the problem - assuming the disks are not in poor condition. A quick check on an older machine should find out. It would also allow you to drag the entire folder via network onto your new machine : ).

You could do that from a current existing installation on another machine also I suspect. I suspect you might lose the Windows ID ing it as a new program but you can link to the exe. file. BTW I am not a computer guru but this is what I would do in the circumstances without feeling I was risking damage.

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Thanks again! Im on that transfer idea, Mary just bought me a 4g flash/jump drive. That should be large enough (I hope) to hold CMAK, but Im afraid CMBB may be the orphan in this story, as it is loaded on an old, old rig, with no USB ports. None of my discs appear to be of Ge origin, thank goodness for that. I will advise of my progress later today.



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Weeehaaa! CMAK is back up and running, no apparent probs anymore. Now to figure out a way to get CMBB aboard.

Resolution: DL'd CMAK on Flash Drive from Mary's rig and loaded on my rig, then found DL online for running CMAK without CD inserted.

My prob with CMBB, will not be so easy, as it is on an old comp without USB or burning CD capability.

Anyone with idea on how to get my rig to read CMBB disc, please respond this thread.

Thanks to all who supported my return!

At your service,


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