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CMSF maps into CM Normandy?

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Hello,I got a question about loading maps from CMSF into CM Normandy.Will it be possible? I( mean I understand there won't be any modern buildings,arabic road signs,and other things that are designed exclusively for modern Middle East) but maybe it would be possible to find a way to replace them with european buildings and others,so I don't have to make again the same maps I did for CMSF,and just simple load them into CM Normandy.

Thanks in advance!

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Nobody knows, but I'd guess its about a 95%+ chance any CMSF-built maps will be unsupportable in the future WWII game. That just based on their promised (and long hoped-for) 'water' terrain which I imagine would radically change the editor. Wasn't BFC talking about eventually repackaging CMSF to take advantage of all the game engine and environment upgrades following release of the WWII title?

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