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"Incoming? Never mind.... just sit and wait"

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Just a question to all the "real" military guys (and I think that is almost everyone around here...)

I always wonder why the BtM´s or tanks I turn to dust with my artillery don´t move. Is this how works in real life?

I mean (and this just the opinion of a coward who did the alternative civilian service;)) :

If I would be in the situation, that 155mm shells dancing around me, I just would think: "theres a better places I could be right now, lets try to reach them!"


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I was not in the tankies but the thing is artillery is about moving enemy armour away from where they are as much as it's about killing infantry. Forcing the enemy to do something they don't want to do causes confusion, disruption and probly feeding or ammo replenishment issues.

The tanks probly been told to hold ground and deny approach routes etc etc. If they pull even 50m out of the barrage they lose sight of the potential assault coming storming over the nearest hill. Chances are they are there to support infantry who would be most unhappy to see the armour pull back.

Artillery is called the God of war for a reason. It can do many things not just blow people to shreds. Just my tuppence worth. My vehicle was always getting shifted about to secondary or tertiary positions to make sure the ammo or beans was not wiped out.

I hope that makes sense. No doubt a master tactician will wander along and explain it all better. :)

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If your tank starts to attract artillery fire, you have probably stayed in one place too long. Static tanks belong to the 40:s, best way for tank to be effective is to hit hard and shift positions.

The guy who is calling the fire will be calling your position to all possible anti-tank assets too.

If you would have a 10x10km scenario, the tanks would not be rolling with infarantry and thus remain very stealthy and worthless artillery targets. This is not what we have because of the hardware limitations.

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