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  1. recieved my steelbox today! praise the lord and pass the ammunition... 19,- okken muss ich nachzahlen, das päckchen liegt noch bei der post, aber MOORRRRRGEN gehts los. und dazu noch 2 TOW spiele.
  2. immer noch keine stählerne Box im sonnigen und verdammt heissen Freiburg... das blöde ist, dass ich mir TOW2 und TOW3 auch gleich mitbestellt hab.
  3. ganz ruhig... "pig latin" bedeutet nicht schweinelatein:D das heisst soviel wie "Geheimsprache". freiburg immer noch ohne steel... versandt am 21.5.
  4. don´t worry, we just talking about taking over the world in our third try... take care the gerrrmanz PS: Freiburg wartet immer noch auf sein "stahlbuch"
  5. Hier im tiefsten Süden -Freiburg-, is auch noch nix. Das Packet ist am 21.5. verschickt worden. Die Leute, die noch warten, schreibt doch hier in den Thread wenns ankommt. Danke.
  6. and if anyone needs some Bavarian flavour... I´m here to help
  7. thanks for the help schrullenhaft! (btw, funny name, are you german?) I´m at 1.3.1, I bought the game during the time I lived in the UK, it´s a retail version. I have also installed the game on my desktop computer, and just checked yesterday, that I can use the simple editor without problems. I checked the folder "user" and subfolders, but I cant find the "TOW_Kursk_Patch_1.3.1_EN_Battlefront.exe". I´m a bit confused now, how can I by at 1.3.1., if this file isn´t there? Do you think it make sense to check on my desktop computer and (if its there) copy+paste it on my laptop?
  8. Hi there, just tried to start the simple Editor, but I got following message: "Wrong game version. The application will not work with a current game version Theatre of war. Error #4000" I installed the game again 2 weeks ago. I´m quite shure I could use the Simple EDitor before. Any help? Thanks. EDIT: I don´t have any mods installed.
  9. you know, I´m a nurse and ehhhh I also had training on a psychatric unit. just in case you see more of this faces, our hear voices... I´m here to help. :-)
  10. Just a question to all the "real" military guys (and I think that is almost everyone around here...) I always wonder why the BtM´s or tanks I turn to dust with my artillery don´t move. Is this how works in real life? I mean (and this just the opinion of a coward who did the alternative civilian service;)) : If I would be in the situation, that 155mm shells dancing around me, I just would think: "theres a better places I could be right now, lets try to reach them!" Thanks.
  11. Hi! first of all: english is not my first language, so if it sounds strange at times: enjoy it and fell free to correct my grammar. I simple want to thank you battlefront guys for this game! I bought it 2 years ago and didnt care too much about if for the first 1 1/2 years, but since 6 months I really enjoy it and now, after I bought the marine modul, I had a few of my best computer gaming moments in my wargaming history! I LOVE the Semper Fi! campaign, finished the "Battle for object Pooth" 2 days ago and it was absolut awesome! Its just outstandig how dedicated your support is, in
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