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Have Marines Mod - Haven't installed yet - Questions -

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I currently have CMSF 1.08 on my system - Learning the ropes and what not - (new to CMSF prior to this)........ I think 1.08 is quite stable and I'm managing the small areas that have problems.....

Quesitons I have.

1. Is the Marine Mod even more stable than 1.08? I've been reading here and there some pathing issues / mainly with Vehicles....... Are these simply small issues no game stoppers?

2. Is the TACAI increases alone worth the install....

3. Once installed..... Can you edit existing scenario's ...and include both Marine and Army units within those already existing scenario's?........


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I haven't played the 1.10 patch much (don't have Marines yet) but what I have seen thus far is damn good. Haven't noticed any pathing issues yet. I ordered a Stryker to pull a 180 between a building and a wall and head in the opposite direction, and it pulled the move off smoothly. I also watched a Stryker slow down as it came up behind another which was also moving, without any clipping.

I found the units lining up behind walls works nicely, hugging the wall line and using it as cover.

Any scenario can be edited as long as it is not baked. Basically any scenario ending with a BTT extension.


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you think youre better off playing 1.08? no way ;) go ahead and install marines, also if you stick to "army" units for now the improovments beside the new units are more than worth it.

if you got any mods installed, cut/paste all your "Z" folder to a knowen location, than install marines and fire it up. it should be at least as stable as 1.08. just some mods wich edited strings.txt file cause crashes. so if you made sure its working fine for you, cut/paste the Z folder back into data folder again. if you got none of the mods wich edit the strings.txt you should be fine too. at lest i can have all mods installed i had befor marines came out.

just open up the scenario editor, press "load" and select the "scenarios" folder, in there are all the scenarios of the game(not campains), for oyu to play around with. but id suggest you save the changed file with a different name than the original...you meight want to keep that.

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