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I scratched my disk - is there a disk replacement policy?

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I want to play again ( reformatted hard drive) but don't want to pay for it again.

The .mov file is unreadable. Everything else is readable AFAIK.

Also, have the running out of memory on some 3D cards bug been fixed yet?

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I believe that BTS can replace your CD for a small fee. You can email sales@battlefront.com or support@battlefront.com (?) or even Madmatt (matt@battlefront.com), though due to the large amount of mail at each of these addresses it may take awhile for a reply.

It is also possible to remove scratches from CDs yourself unless the cut is just too deep. There are commercial kits available online and from retail (music or computer) stores that can help to remove scratches. Game Doctor is one such device, though if you don't have a large collection of scratched CDs it may not be worth purchasing (approx. US$30). I can't personally attest to which ones would be effective. There are also "home remedies" that you can possibly find online too. There were some here in the Tech Support forum awhile back, but the search engine may take awhile to find the relevant posts.

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