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Looking for some To&E info on 26.Pz

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I've been trying to find out how the 26.Pz deployed thier Sturmpanzer IIIs, I found they had a kompanie sized group of them as of Aug.43(16xPzIII 75) in 26.Pz Rgt, but I am not sure which of the Abt the Pz IIIs were in, or if they were in a independent company attached to the Rgt and not part of the battalions or if they were split between the two battalion equally.

I am working on a group of CM battles in Italy involving the 26.Pz, so this is why this came up. But I am also working on Tamiya's new Pz III N, and I wanted to do something different than the 3 tanks offered in the kit.

One last thing, in the OOB I have it says the 26.Pz had 17 Pz IV Kz(75L24), what model(s) would those be? F1s? or even older Pz IVs such as Ds and Es?

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From what I can find, it appears 26.Pz had only one panzer battalion in its panzer regiment at the time, with four medium panzer companies in the battalion. Typically I believe the Pz IIIs and Pz IV(kz) would have been divided up among the companies -- probably something like a platoon of 4 x Pz IIIN and a platoon of 4 x PzIV(kz) in each of the four companies, plus probably two platoons of 4 x PzIV(lg) in each company.

I would guess the PzIV(kz) would be Fs, but have no real information on this.

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