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Is this true?

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"The standard operational tactic was to run a line of Shermans across open ground. The Tigers they faced would kill the first Sherman then have to traverse the turret to kill the second which would be trying to close the angle and get behind. It would be a race between the Tiger and the third. The surviving Sherman(s) were to have made it behind the slower tiger and killed it with its pop-gun."

Is this true? the guy who posted it says he heard it from the history channel, but I just cant believe that this would be true.


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I saw the show, and there was altogether more discussed than that. The veteran did talk about trying to keep the Tiger busy, using covered approaches, hiding behind burning wrecks, all in an effort to get behind the thing and shoot it in the backside. This could and did result in substantial casualties to the encountering force at times, but not always. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't have the segment of the program that would refute the story you were told, just an earlier one with a stupidly conceived demo of 88 effectiveness which despite full access to ordnance experts, got almost everything wrong.


John Kettler

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