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Neutral Areas

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If I make a whole area "Neutral" - i.e. do not assign it to any nation. Can in be annexed by an event?

I am thinking of doing this for say Siberia. That way, I can have a Japanese decision tree that allows them to sign neutrality w/Russia or not:

1) Yes would mean Russia gets siberian transfer and siberia remains neutral until Germany is defeated. It would then be annexed by Russia. May also increase US activation.

2) If they say no then Russia immediately annexes Siberia.

I may also have Japan inactive in 39 and activate in the area of 41-42, with the US activating of course if Japan attacks, or else activating somewhat later if they choose to say focus on UK/Russia at first.

Also - can I have say the US Pacific Fleet either frozen at Pearl or just have it "created" when the war starts?

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