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Recent problem with the movie controls


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All of a sudden, the movie controls are not working properly. When a movie finishes, I hit start, and the timer goes to 0 (and the men and equipment revert to their initial positions), but then if I hit play, the timer goes to straight to 60 (yet the men and equipment STAY in their initial positions). From that point, the men and equipment only go to the ending positions if I hit the forward button.

If I let a movie fully play out, then hit start, then click done, the men and equipment start the next turn in their initial positions, as if the previous turn never happened!

This occurs in both CMBB and CMAK with several different missions, downloaded and ones that came with the CDs.

This problem came out of nowhere. I haven't downloaded any modifications in a long time.

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Issues like this have been related to some strange system time-keeping functions of Dells and a few other brand name computers. Also video drivers were occassionally the culprits, but the 'system up-time counter' was the most common culprit. For some systems this was fixed with a BIOS update. Replacing the CMOS battery typically won't be the solution with this particular problem.

Now, why would it be happening all of a sudden ? As far as I can recall it is probably related to how long your computer has been running. You may want to power it down completely and then turn it back on again and see if CM runs properly or not. Check with your computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer's website and see if there are any BIOS updates. This issue is several years old and I wouldn't suspect that newer computers would have this issue, but it is possible.

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