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Free map + nearly finished scenario

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well, after my last unsucessfull try to make anything usefull out of this map i simply give up.

the map is more or less finished but has no flavoured objects or so to keep good FPS.

AI is set to defend where i put it but they are unable to hide in their trenches and are spotted super fast(mean i couldnt hide em effectivvely as scenario designer). that breaks the whole mission as it is a series of ambushes or it was planed as such.

if someone is interessted to do anything with the mission instead of just useing the map, i suggest to look up the red deployment and the blue one, and than simply start to play into it a bit and you will see what i mean when i say the ambushes dont work.

i dont want to say too much, read the briefing wich is writen in my bumpy foreign language but explains at least what i tried to accomplish.

so, if "anyone" thinks he wants to have it i put it up on rapidshare. no need to email...

if someone feels like giving me credit when he acually does something with it, it isnt important or necessary but would be nice.

heres the map in picures...



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Hi Pandur,

Nice map. I find it takes quite a bit of work to get a scenario working the way one wishes.

I have been succesful in planning a ambush. The ambushing side needs lots of cover and a hide command while being deployed. During A.I. management give them an ambush at 75 meters order.

My ambushers are non-cons and an IED operator. They ambush quite well. Mind you to arrive at my success it was quite a lot of trial and error.

Regards john

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sorry that i didnt replied too soon but i found it pointless somehow.

The ambushing side needs lots of cover...
they all sit in trenches :(

...and a hide command while being deployed.
they dont hide when i give em "hide" in editor. MG teams even unhide themselfs when in the deploy screen and by AI plan it doesnt work couse it would need the ambushXXX order there.

its senseless, i would need to build up houses everywhere where trenches are supposed to be...

i tried for houers :(

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