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Moveing soldiers

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Hi i put thi up B4 and i thought i figured it out but.. i didnt i make a scenario save it play as red and wen im dnoe my turn the blue side WONT move please somebody explain how to set waypoints for me. im only used to using the Arma editor so i have NO clue how to do this thanks. ;)

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I mean i dont know how to make the AI move when its their turn in MY missions i made. i also dont under stand how to make ai plans i would liek a quick explaination from anybody that can help thanks...P.S. i have already read the manual i think it would be easier for someone to tell me what to do. i think it would be much quicker.

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Okay, I will try to explain it in the most basic and easiest way (hopefully):

After setting up map and the units, going from top to bottom in the screen:

1. in the drop-down menu select "AI"

2. click on "Plan 1 (Red)" if you want to make a plan for Red

3. leave "used frequently"

4. leave "Group 1" - this will apply to all red units

5. next to "Setup" click on "Add"

6. "Setup" will change to "Order 2"

7. paint an area on the map (or a single square) where you want the red units to move to

8. If you want another waypont click on "Add" again - repeat 7)

9 if you're satisfied with your waypoints, save the map and play smile.gif

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