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Quick Battle Maps??? Rune??

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Yup, you need to place them in the Quick Battle folder.

Size of map? Not that I'd noticed. It might be better to err in favour of bigger rather than smaller. Open up some of the stock maps with the Editor and you'll see the size.

Set up areas are vital. AI is good to have because if there isn't any, the AI will do squat! If you are only going to be playing Blue Force, you might be able to get away with Red Force only. But it's easy to stick in a brain dead, bog standard AI option for the Blue side if your play that side.

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Re size of map - just watch - larger maps work fine IF your PC can handle it. I think the larger maps if they have lots of terrain detail (trees, flavour objects and steep elevations) chew up processing power on lower spec machines. A 'good' size is maps with a dimensions around 500 to 700m (i.e. 500m x 500m or 700m x 700m). You can make larger maps but some PCs will struggle to run em when the bullets start to fly.

As mentioned by Paper Tiger - AI plans (for whatver side you want the AI to fight) and set-up areas are vital. The test it all, then test again smile.gif

Cheers fur noo


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