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Stryker firing while butonned


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On a related subject, why can't a Stryker's gunner unbutton unless the vehicle also has passengers. Is this an operational issue (gunner mustn't unbutton unless there are also rear guard guys covering him), a graphical bug (the underlying system has him unbuttoned, but it isn't being shown) or that the button shouldn't be being disabled when their are no passengers?

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Originally posted by SgtMuhammed:

Are there even non-RWS Strykers in the game, I don't think I have ever seen one.

Yes there are - the Scout Reconnaissance models all come without RWS. You can see them in one of the early TF Thunder missions, and also in The Curve scenario apparently (not got round to playing that one yet).

The unbuttoned firing question was asked and answered a couple of times in the main forum over the past couple of days, but they've dropped off the front page in case anyone was wondering!

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