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assault vs. hunt

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well, to keep it general, i use assault everywhere where i fear that the enemy i want to make contact with, is to far away to be reliable spotted, and so would have to shoot at my clueless soldiers walking about.

in houses i use mostly hunt, except i want reposition in a building during a firefight and want half squad shooting, half moving.

everwhere else, i use quick, also in above said situations where i want speed over protection/reaction, wich is rare.

than there is "slow", i use this rarely to sneak up a crest or so, but even if you do it in woods or brushes super optics and non super optics equiped units will spott you anyways. this isnt done really right i feel but its like that. on top, your guys are exhausted after just a little way crawling so its mostly no option.


so its normal for the team to move slowly in assault mode.
well, a part runs and the other covers. noone is walking or so...what do you mean exactly!?
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Assault Mode probably isn't what you think it is.

When you hear the term assault it sounds like the troops are going to go charging right into the objective area, right? Like saying "Attack that building!" In game terms, the assault command actually means that part of the squad will provide covering fire while the other half moves forward to a covered position, then they'll provide covering fire for the other element as they move, and so on.

It can be a fairly effective movement order in open terrain, but it's pretty much useless in urban areas - and no matter where you use it, it's a very slow way to get from Point A to Point B.

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Assault isn't as dynamic as it sounds. I used it a little when I first played but with the ability of US squads to split into fire teams, it's easier to do that and have them cover or bound as you please. Of course, the Syrians don't have the luxury of splitting squads, so perhaps Assault might be a viable option for them.

I primarily use Hunt or Quick movement with occasional use of Fast to cross fire lanes and Slow to advance to covered observation points. Haven't found a use for the standard Move command.

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