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ied's quick battle

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hopefully this has not been posted before, did a quick search but found nothing

question is why are ied's not in quick battles, to be used by the ai or playing as the red side uncon???

btw, i dont know how to use the editor so i dont want to have to learn to use it just to use ied's

i just want to go boom in a q.b.

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I don't know why that is, but I would suspect they are primarily designed to be scenario specific weapons. That when a battle is created the designer decides "there should be an IED on one of these roads" and places one. If you had them in quick battle where would you use them? They can only be deployed in your zone and it could be a long while before any enemy troops are moving against your edge of the map.

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depends on id say, if you play the QB map´s pack it could make good sense as the defender often has a big setupzone as it should be.

the stock maps where the setup zones are more like in meeting engagements, they wouldnt make all to much sense.

anyways, i wouldnt mind finding an VBIED on either the defending or attacking uncon side. as these can move they could at least accomplish "something" when not on totaly open maps.

the static IED could be given to the defending side once in a while, but not on a regular basis.

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