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Dust Plumes and Spotting

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I noticed a behavior that I thought I'd share. I was messing around in the editor and created a Bradley vs. T-72 fight. When the Bradleys were moving they always died first. When the Brads were stationary, they won the fight 3/4 of the time. When the T-72s were moving and the M2s stationary, the Brads won 9 out of 10 times.

I came to the conclusion that either the fire control of the Brads can't outperform the fire control of the T-72 or the dust plumes getting kicked up by the moving Bradleys gave the T-72s a very quick spot. The optics and fire control on the M2s are really sweet, so I'm leaning towards the dust plumes being too much of a giveaway.

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Originally posted by Cavtroop:

Bradleys can't fire the TOW on the move....

edit: technically, they aren't even supposed to move with the TOW in the up position (as a former Bradley gunner, I'd have gotten killed for trying that), but they do in CMSF. thats a small issue, though.

I'm an ex-Brad guy too,that animation drives me nuts! :D
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Which T-72s were they? Best or worst or somewhere in the middle? How about distances? How fast were they moving?

I would suspect dust plumes and somesort of "movementpenalty" myself too.

I'm TOW-squad's leader myself. We EVER fired them on move... As we were infantry-AT ;) (you know TOW disassembled when on move and stuff)

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Originally posted by Splinty:

[i'm an ex-Brad guy too,that animation drives me nuts! :D

LOL, yeah, thats about the 1st thing I noticed when I saw the pre-release vids :-D

No big deal though, I think of it as an absraction smile.gif

Secondbrooks - were you leg, or Humvee? I was also on a M901, those TOW units sucked to hump even just a few yards....

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We operate on foot. Our transports (APCs SISU XA-series and tracked trucks NASU NA-series) are left about 1 km behind from fighting postions.

We do have specially designed model of those same vehicles to which TOW can be attached, but it's not much used (atleast what i know of) as our terrain favors more infantry than vehicles.

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