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I'd like to report 1.03 bugs

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First of all I think that 1.03 is a huge improvement on the whole. As I have already reported earlier, I had serious framerate issues before, a lot of that is gone, even with the better graphics. Pathfinding improved, AI seems better, Syrian troops don't just lay down now, etc.

I came across a couple of things which might be bugs:

1. Troops won't mount the same Stryker they dismounted from. This happened several times in the first campaign scenario. After having aquired the Javelin, I sent them up on the ridge, lighted up a few tanks then ordered them back into the Stryker to move them down the line. They wouldn't enter it, just camped around it. I used all the movement commands.

2. Same scenario. I can't select units that are on the main road. I mean tanks and Strykers. Once they get on the main road leading to the main gate of the compound I can't select them with a left-click, just keep clicking but nothing happens. Must be some graphics issue.

3. I still have problems with selecting multiple units in a box(shift+left click). It only works at the 4th or 5th try or is incomplete and causes some serious lag.

My rig:Win XP SP2, AMD 2400+, 1 GIG RAM, Radeon 9600, 256 MB.

I have the graphics set to balanced and improved, Anti-Aliasing turned off, Ati click off.

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I found a bug in 1.03 too...

In the campaign mission "Homes Hims" in the very begining, when I press the Start button after the setup phase, I found a half squad Syrians in my setup zone. They have no floating icon, because their other half are in the right place (somewhere in a house), but my units know about them and fire them. Unfortunately these syrians killed two of my men, because it was a surprise me: enemy in my setup zone in the first second of mission!

Other bug (in this same scenario): In the setup phase, I insert a squad to a stryker to aquire a Javelin and then I get out them into the setup zone, but only the half of of the suad get out and other stucked in the stryker. Then I tried put them again back in the stryker, but is it impossible, because the Stryker is full... :(

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Calvin, thanks for the tip, I wasn't aware of that shortcut (is it in the manual?)

Bardosy, my fellow Hungarian (a wild guess),

I haven't played that scenario yet but it seems to me that what you have is an intentional scenario design. We know that there are unconventional combatants in the game so it just might be that this is an ambush scenario where uncons are spotted only at the last moment, when they get too close or when they trigger the ambush. Until then they are hiding among the civilians. Who are abstracted of course. But I'll have to read the scenario briefing to be sure of this.

And now that you mention it, and following up to my earlier point about troops not wanting to get beck into the Strykers, I also experienced something like this: the number of troops that rode one vehicle just does not fit in the next time I send them to mount the very same vehicle.

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Nope. I played with this scenarion twice: in v1.01 and in v1.02... I found other bugs in that version (stucking squads) and I read v1.03 fixed this bug, so I want play with this scenario without any bug.

But that half enemy squad in my setup zone IS a bug. I'm absolutely sure. I player with this scenario and there was no unconventional forces in my setup zone...

And I'm sure it's a bug, because it's a half squad (without floating icon), because the other half of the squad are in their normal position (somewhere in the city).

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