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To Replay or not to replay


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OK, so you start a campaign and play a couple of battles. Somehow a few of your tank crews manage to survice the carnage and the supreme leaders's incompetence (that would be me). They gain experience and are crack gunnars, dirvers, and leaders.

They are now ordered to take another piece of France from the hated huns. Alas, their steeds are shot out from under them by some ATG guns on the left flank. Luckily they are OK and cowering in the bushes. As the battle swirls around them your air support kills all the germans that were manning those ATGs. Expecting a German counter attack from Panzers, you send your tank crews with a squad to man the German guns even though there is about a kilometer of un-scouted territory between them and those precious guns. Somewhere between the US and German lines the squad and your beloved crews get completely wiped out by another battery of ATGs further to the rear. Now the ethical question, you will probably win the battle with one or two live soldiers, do you hit the magical replay button?

- Hobo

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I was tempted several times! but never did smile.gif

Now I have good tactics for 'most' maps I am replaying the missions with a sven hassel / BoB type game, ie I have a 'chosen' few who get the best bits and easiest tasks (where possible) and if they die I will restart. So far so good though smile.gif

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you mean reload!?

hm, depends compleatly on how they died.

3 scenarios->

my elite panther crew is tasked with going alone and verry carefully through a depression on the edge of the map to make its way behind "some" place to attack "something" from behind...

1. ...they release a trigger, enemys spawn 100m to the right and wastes my pather -> RELOAD

2 ...another unit spots an tank, the panther, ovcoures just in this moment got nothing to do other than overwatching, it turns around no matter if it can see the tank or not. anohter tank apperas(naturally or spawned) and wastes my panther while the AI did their thing and turned where i didnt said so. -> RELOAD

3 ...the pather doesnt releas any triggers and no enemys come in sight in non natural circumstances(spawning). it gets wasted by having a clean firefight or any other "natural" dead...maybe also related to my decision to sent the tank there, but however a normal death :D


simple smile.gif

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