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a new one! Friendly fire !


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Playing as the modified Red army in the second to last one, that silly one with all the Tiger 1 and 2's.. yeh u no the one with the designers on crack lol..

So I was maneuvering aroung the Tiger2's and a pnz4 placed itself inbetween myself and the tiger.. oops, the tiger shot at my tank, drillingthe poor pnz!

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Ive had the same thing in one of the allies campaign missions... I forget which one.

I had infantry about 500mtr away from a sherman and noticed MG fire coming in on them... I followed the tracer back and it was the bloody sherman peppering them with its bow MG!!! I had to move the bloody thing out of LOS to stop it firing.

I can only guess that since the infantry squad was so far away form their buddies and close to the enemy, they were misidentified... happened in real life I guess... Hell, Ive done it in paint ball! :D

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That was the complete thought, with nothing missing. In expanded form: friendly fire is not (friendly).

IOW, it's every bit as dangerous, if it hits, as deliberately aimed hostile fire. Also, it's one thing to be shot up by your known enemy, quite another to be the victim of own side's weapons. The nastier the weapon, the more important it becomes to avoid fratricide incidents. Just ask

the soldiers carpet bombed accidentally in the first attempt at Cobra!


Some people in the CM ladder play community like to send armor into battle in cheek by jowl packs.

If they take up ToW and try to do that here, your experience shows they're in for a rude, expensive awakening. All of a sudden, they'll find themselves shooting their own tanks. CM, you see, for computational ease didn't look at anything other than clear LOS to the target, ignoring friendlies in the way, then computed the chance to hit. ToW, though, considers the entire projectile

flight path, and woe betide someone in the wrong place at the right time!


John Kettler

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